Organic Naked Barley Flakes 500g


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Hodmedod’s British Grown Naked Barley.

What is Naked Barley?

For the past few years Hodmedod has been working with a group of organic farmers to revive naked barley, a truely remarkable impressively nutritional cereal.

The grains of more usual barley have an indigestible husk (the outer parts of the barley flower) that can only be removed by polishing to produce pearl or pot barley.  In naked barley the husk is not stuck to the grain, making it easier to prepare for the table and nutritionally much more exciting.

Though a major crop in the Bronze and Iron Age, naked barley is rarely grown these days and barley of all types has been almost entirely replaced by wheat as the main ingredient in bread.

But barley, especially naked barley, is a fantastic crop, requiring less fertilizer and water than wheat making it well suited to organic farming systems.

Cooking suggestions.

Naked barley has a nutty malty flavour and can be used to make porridge, in cereals or for baking.  It’s great in granola, flapjacks and crumble topping.

Suitable for vegans & vegetarians.



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