Newfields Organic

Newfields Organic

Produce: Beetroot, Brocolli, Cabbages, Carrots, Cauliflowers, Celeriac, Cavalanero, Lettuce, Parsnips, Potatoes, Sprouts, Swede, Turnips Season: May to March Newfields Organics is in Fadmoor near Kirby Moorside in North Yorkshire. The 200 acre farm was set up in 1942 by Rosemary Wass’ father-in-law and she and her late husband took over in the late 1960s. They went fully organic in 1990 but at that time were regarded as “hippies.” It was hard work and expensive as there were no grants. They were even told that they wouldn’t be able to grow anything as the farm is so high above sea level (650 feet). But they have shown that it is possible. The farm is owned by Rosemary Wass and run by manager, John Simpson. Newfields works on a seven year rotation and keeps cattle and sheep which help with soil fertility. The first three years is rye grass with clover lays followed by potatoes, spring cereals and then vegetables. Of the 200 acres, 25 acres are planted with potatoes and 25 acres with vegetables each year. Newfields are certified for seed potato production. They have a small team of local workers for most of the year supplemented by local students weeding during the summer. The farm is extremely well drained with a mixture of sandy loam soil and black sand on limestone and sandstone. This means that they can often pick crops, even after heavy rain. Video Player 00:00 03:47 CONTACT DETAILS Organic North Wholesalers, Unit A7-A10, New Smithfield Market, Openshaw, Manchester, M11 2WJ Tel 0161 223 4944 Email [email protected] LINKS

Almost 30 years as a customer, it's still a delight to find in our porch on Monday evenings - luscious tomatoes, deep red carrots, creamy potatoes, marvellous mushrooms, a huge cabbage, yellow beetroots - and that was just last week!

— Janet and Phil Ketteringham

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