Chapel Organics

Chapel Organics

Produce: Beetroot, Carrots, Cauliflowers, Potatoes, Sprouts Season: May to March Chapel Farm is situated 20 miles east of Edinburgh near the coastal town of North Berwick in East Lothian, Scotland. East Lothian is one of the driest parts of Scotland, benefitting from a mild climate and long hours of daylight in summer, where the fertile soil is ideal for producing a range of organic vegetables and potatoes. The five-hundred-acre block has been farmed by the Elder family since 1952, converting to organic in 2000. It is currently run by father and son Graham and Angus, who supply a range of customers from shops, box schemes, wholesalers and supermarkets. Crops such as potatoes and onions are stored in insulated, temperature controlled buildings; more perishable items, such as leeks and cabbages, are harvested from the field on the day of despatch, ensuring customers benefit from the freshest produce facilitated by the short supply chain. The crops are produced in a seven-year rotation, interspersed with herbal leys and multi species cover crops, which support biodiversity and build organic matter in the soil.

Almost 30 years as a customer, it's still a delight to find in our porch on Monday evenings - luscious tomatoes, deep red carrots, creamy potatoes, marvellous mushrooms, a huge cabbage, yellow beetroots - and that was just last week!

— Janet and Phil Ketteringham

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