Bedlam Farm

Bedlam Farm

Produce: Organic asparagus, tenderstem broccoli, rhubarb, squash, artichokes, fennel, French dwarf beans. Season: March to November Bedlam Farms Organic was born out of two family-owned farming companies-M.F. Martin and Bedlam Farms. For four generations, both companies had been market leaders in the Cambridgeshire Fens and in 2006, current owner Clive Martin made the decision to convert one third of the farm into the production of organic vegetables. Now, 750 acres are taken up with organic produce and the farm specialises in growing varieties not readily available in the UK. Bedlam Farms Organic has a range of soil types suited to the different vegetables grown, and the pack house is situated just ten minutes away from the fields, meaning the crops can be quickly transported inside to the cool. Mixed squash is harvested into wooden crates and dried and cured in a dedicated squash store. Everything is sorted and packed by hand and there are up to 80 experienced and knowledgeable people employed during the summer. Reservoirs and an underground mains system mean the crops can be kept watered during a dry growing season. The team are passionate about improving their soil and protecting wildlife; BFO is a member of the Higher Level Stewardship and the Organic Entry Level Stewardship Schemes and belongs to the Red Tractor Assurance Scheme. Bedlam Farms Organic has a wide customer base and supplies retailers, organic box schemes, wholesalers and the hospitality industry with its high quality produce

Almost 30 years as a customer, it's still a delight to find in our porch on Monday evenings - luscious tomatoes, deep red carrots, creamy potatoes, marvellous mushrooms, a huge cabbage, yellow beetroots - and that was just last week!

— Janet and Phil Ketteringham

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