It has gone a little crazy around here just recently.
Please keep reading to find out how we can work together & keep your supply of delicious organic goodness!
We can now currently only operate if you set up a regular delivery. This means we no longer take orders through the website. Contact us only if you need to change anything. We have a waiting list for deliveries, so if you have not told us you want a box each week, you may lose your place.
Unless you have an existing standing order payment EVERYBODY needs to pay by direct debit. Links to set this up will be sent out. We no longer accept cash or cheques.
Due to increased demand we will have to use plastic bags as well as boxes to deliver our organic veggies in.
Please DO NOT return your plastic bag, instead reuse it at home.
Please remove your produce from your box as soon as you take it in. Continue to keep our boxes clean by storing your box somewhere it will have minimum contact with people. To protect us, please DO NOT return
your box if anyone in your household is showing signs of the virus – high temp, persistent cough etc…
We will no longer open porch doors, or enter any houses or apartment blocks. Boxes will be left by your door, or an alternative prearranged place. WE WILL KNOCK & GO.
Your delivery time may change. We are trying to accommodate as many people as we can, which means that rounds may change. We are not planning delivery day changes, but if there are we will of course let you know.
The cost of all our produce may have to increase. Our regular customers know that price increases are few and far between, but the cost of produce to us is rising, so we will keep you informed of any changes.
We have recently taken on many new customers. When this happens it increases the chances of errors being made. We are a SMALL family business. Please bear with us – rest assured we are doing the best we can!
At the moment we still have a fairly good supply & we are currently doing
our best to maintain this. But like everyone else we have to take this on a
week to week basis.
If we are unfortunate & show signs of the virus, we will have to stop our
deliveries. We are taking as many precautions as we can to remain well.
In this situation we will hopefully contact you by email, and update our
website, facebook page & twitter. We recommend if you don’t already
follow us on social media, to do so now.

Thank you & stay safe!……Anna x.