Soap Block – Handmade Natural Soap


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This gorgeous gift is made up of 5 x natural handmade soaps, each with it’s own unique scent and properties.

All made with essential oils & free from palm oil, parabens & sodium Laureth Sulphate


Grapefruit & Mandarin with Calendula flowers

– A crisp scented bar filled with tangy fragrance to lift the spirit while refreshing, rejuvenating & clearing the mind.

Lemongrass & Chamomile with Chamomile flowers

– A wonderfully refreshing soap that will leave your skin thoroughly moisturised, feeling refreshingly clean & toned.

Coconut Milk & Ylang Ylang with Oatmeal

– A richly lathering soap bar made with coconut milk to moisturise and added oatmeal to calm irritated skin, perfectly balanced with ylang ylang for  an  all over pamper sensation.

Aloe Vera & Wheatgerm

– The gentle soothing oils help to hydrate your skin, perfect for a drier skin.

Peppermint & Pine with Poppy seeds

– A great wake up soap, refreshing & uplifting, perfect for that early morning shower.  The poppy seeds add great exfoliation to help make your skin tingle and leave you ready to face the day.




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